Holding Hands Up High



Membership at Live Free Church is not about adding your name to a roster; it's about connecting with the people and the vision of the church. After three growth track classes you become an official member.



Foundations 101 - First Sunday
of Each Month

Essentials 201 - Second Sunday of Each Month

Discovery 301 - Third Sunday of Each Month

Dream Team 401 - Third Sunday of Each Month

This class is a basic introduction to the ministry of Live Free Church and will help you understand church membership. In this class, we cover:

  • Our statements - purpose and beliefs

  • Our strategy - reaching the lost and helping members grow

  • Our structure - how the church is organized and the unique way we view church membership

This class guides you through the essential beliefs every Christian needs to find success in their walk with Christ. 

We want to help you realize what makes you so unique. This class will help you discover your personality, gifts, and purpose in life and see how God combines them for the best fit in ministry. 

We define success here at Live Free Church as: Moving people from where they are to where God wants them to go. We do that by helping people discover the gifts that God has placed within them and then empowering them to use those gifts on the Dream Team!

The Dream Team is a group of incredible people who have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in them. From creating a comfortable environment by serving on our Hospitality, Greeter, Parking or Usher Teams, to leading the next generation to Jesus by serving on a Live Free K!dz Team, to crafting a dynamic worship experience with the Worship Team, to deepening relationships and helping people heal by leading a Small Group or reaching out to our community (Local Outreach Teams) and world (Missions Team) - we are a group that forcefully advances the Kingdom of God.

This team is all about one thing: serving God by serving His people. If you desire a life filled with joy and growth and community, email us and come join the team!

Join the ministry area of your choice to learn more about how to be involved. This class takes place on the third Sunday of the month.

How to join the Dream Team

  • Complete the Growth Tracks.

  • Complete the leadership application and Honor Code.

  • Interview with a ministry leader.

Check the  Events Calendar for the next opportunity. Childcare is provided.

Our Promise:
Clear expectations removes room for disappointment


10 things you can expect from Live Free Church as a Member: 

  • We'll pray for you.

  • We'll love you.

  • We'll provide a place for you to serve God and use your gifts.

  • We'll provide practical biblical teaching.

  • We'll serve you to the best of our ability.

  • We'll believe the best about you.

  • We won't judge you.

  • We'll provide Godly leadership.

  • We'll seek God's direction for Live Free Church.

  • We'll do things with honesty and integrity.

5 Things we expect from YOU our member:

  • Attend Sunday service each week (if not sick, out of town or going to the Super Bowl).

  • Serve Somewhere - Be a part of the Dream Team at Live Free Church.

  • Financially support Live Free Church in tithes and offerings.

  • Pray for Live Free Church, the staff, and the Dream Team.

  • Invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to Live Free Church.