Our nursery is divided into two classes:

Infants & Babies from 6 - 2 years

Our nursery is staffed with professional, caring adults who provide a safe and secure environment conducive to the child's physical, social and spiritual growth. When you are confident in leaving your baby in the care of our team, then you are able to worship with a sense of security. We have taken great care to prepare our nursery rooms to be the best environment for your baby with age appropriate toys and an opportunity to interact with others. As we hold the babies, we pray for them to receive all that God has for them in life. We believe every child we pray for will be touched by God. Live Free Church considers the nursery to be an important area of ministry, both for the parent and the child.

Toddlers from 3-5 years.

Our preschool is for ages 3 through 5. During services, your child will be in the care of several trained volunteers, all of whom meet required background standards. Our goal is to encourage preschoolers in a growing, loving relationship with Jesus Christ and others in an atmosphere where they feel a sense of belonging. We present biblical learning materials with a hands-on approach to help establish in the hearts of the children an active faith toward God and His Word. We have designed age appropriate classes just for them. We teach the simplicity of the Gospel through a variety of stories, crafts, Bible action songs and other activities. Every lesson taught reinforces Bible truths.


Live Free K!ds offers a place where children in elementary school can discover and develop a passion for God. Through worship, teaching, and A variety of fun activities, children are exposed to God's Word and challenged to grow in their relationship with God. Our elementary classroom is fully staffed with adults and high school students as junior helpers who are committed to teaching and ministering to children. You can be confident that your child is well-cared for and having a great time learning about God while you worship.


At Live Free Church, we are devoted to seeing a generation of students who are connected in a life-giving relationship with Jesus, and planted and thriving in the local church. Our desire is to lead students through the same process we are all going through here at Live Free Church…being pastored in small group bible study (2x/month on second and fourth Sundays), trained through the Growth Tracks, and empowered to live out our purpose through the Dream Team of our church.
If you have questions or would like more information on Teen Life and what's happening, please feel free to send us an email.


"A man on his knees can never fall from that position." -- Larry Stockstill

At Live Free Church, we believe in prayer! We also believe that fervent, heart-felt prayer is key to leading people to Christ and essential to what we do as a Church. We believe that we would not have seen lives changed or experienced supernatural growth without being a church that values prayer. We would love for you to join us in this effort. When people pray, lives are changed! "The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." (James 5:16)

Our Strategy
Our strategy for prayer is found in Nehemiah 4:10. Nehemiah decided to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, and his first task was to "Tour the Wall" to see the areas that needed work. However, the people rebuilding the wall could not work effectively because they had to stop work to defend from invaders. Here is the solution that Nehemiah devised: every worker had a personal protector. When Nehemiah implemented his plan, the wall was repaired in 52 days!

The concept for the Live Free Church Prayer Team Ministry is this same principle of protection. We have many Dream Team members who are working to help others and also require many Prayer Team members to provide spiritual protection for them.

Prayer Ministry Opportunities
We would love for you to be involved in praying with us! If you are interested in any of the options below, please email us.

  • Service Prayer: Prayer and intercession before our 10:30 Sunday service.
  • 21 Days of Prayer: In January, we host a special, three-week emphasis on prayer and through daily prayer meetings and personal fasting; we want to start the new year off by dedicating the first part to God.
  • Join us for prayer every Tuesday @6:15 am EST…Call 1-605-475-4000 and enter access code 794171#

How to join the Prayer Team

1) Complete the Growth Track.
2) Complete the Dream Team application.
3) Attend 401 training and interview with a ministry leader.

Love Life- 21 Day Prayer Challenge

Today we would like to challenge you to take the “21 Day Prayer Challenge!” Pray for your marriage, children, family, health, career, etc. and watch what the Lord will do in your life.


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